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2 Care is a private provider of high support accommodation for vulnerable adults in the community and at present provides approximately 60 places in Bournemouth for people with varying degrees of mental health problems, learning difficulties and other complex needs.


At 2 Care we recognise that each person is a unique individual, having special qualities, experiences and talents that should be valued. We believe that it is possible to provide the appropriate support to meet people’s needs, whilst still allowing them to exercise their right to choice and promoting independence. The support we provide therefore reflects the personal aspirations of each service user, with a focus on assisting them to realise their full potential and maximising their independence so that they can move on to less supported or independent living in the future.


Over 20 years of experience is under pinned by our professional infrastructure, policies, procedures and extensive training programmes. These include Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, First Aid at Work, Motivational Interviewing, and Diplomas in Health and Social Care levels 2 through to 4 (including Registered Managers Awards). We are also members of the nationally acclaimed ‘SITRA’ group who provide the majority of our team training. We therefore feel suitably experienced and qualified to support individuals with complex and challenging needs by offering a range of services and facilities designed to help them overcome their difficulties and move forward with their recovery.


Service users are always encouraged and invited to be involved in our decision making with responsibility shared between service users and staff, incorporating the six principles of a therapeutic community:-


    • Everyone must be valued and treated with dignity and respect
    • Everyone has the right to privacy
    • Everyone has the right to live as independently as possible according to their choices, abilities and needs
    • Everyone has the right to good quality housing in the community
    • Everyone should have access to the local community facilities and services
    • Everyone’s life can be made richer by a sense of belonging and acceptance


We have successfully supported many service users to move on to more independent accommodation and have specialised in working with those who have previously been in other accommodation and care home situations which have failed. Some have spent several years on acute psychiatric wards or trapped in the “revolving door” hospital system before being placed at 2 Care.



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